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Nowadays more people access the Internet and view websites on their Smartphone (instead of PCs or laptops). Already, the number of people using their mobile to browse websites and make purchases is substantial. Smart entrepreneurs already know Responsive Web Design is a future of Web Design so, they insist on developing websites that work perfectly across different browsers and devices. Responsive Website Development is an approach that allows web developers to design websites that function perfectly on different browser and devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, and Smart phones.

In the web world, it has become nearly impossible to keep up with the changes and new releases/introductions. The recent trends in this world of web design have only increased the need and expectations of the clients even more, and Responsive Web Design appears to be one of these trends. Most of the times, it becomes difficult to create a design for web and other devices, where generally resolution and size do not tend to be compatible. This is still an upcoming area of web design and it is expected to rise even higher in the future, where there would be more tools/techniques surfacing, related to it.

  • Responsive Web Design appears to be a different approach taken for web design, where it can be used to generate a flexible layout for a website which tends to fit into any screen size and resolution dynamically.
  • Also, adjustable images are also seen as equally important, other than the layout, as the size and place allocated for the image varies based on the device, therefore increasing the need for adjustable images.
  • It incorporates media queries (they generally handles how the styles are applied), where one can create different design styles using the same concept, based on the devices. These are CSS media queries where they can employ size parameters allowing you to apply specific CSS styles based on the browser size.
  • It also includes Responsive Typography, Responsive E-mails, etc.
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  • Design
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How Responsive Websites work?

Responsive Web Design uses similar tools to conventional mobile web design, but it follows a different approach. Conventional mobile design believes in “graceful degradation” – changing the size and type of content and images to fit particular devices and browsers. The development of responsive web designing concentrates on adapting a single layout to the screen resolution and thereby making it possible to have a single source of content displayed perfect across devices of different sizes. As the screen size changes, the most prominent content fills the screen, while less crucial elements are pushed to the background.

Consequently, users can access the same content irrespective the type of browser and device they are using. If your website is built according to responsive web design principles, it will automatically expand, rearrange, contract and remove content on the basis of the screen size. The upshot is that you won’t have to design separate websites for different devices – a single responsive website will work well on all devices.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • Single website for different devices and browsers
  • Not necessary to create different pages and content for different sites
  • The loading time of website decreased as users do not have to be redirected
  • You have to manage just one site instead of a set of sites for different devices
  • You save time and money as your purpose is served through a single website
  • Your site design with be relevant to any new devices with different screen sizes
  • Better user experience will promote better impression
  • No need to develop separate website for different browsers and devices.

Responsive web design definitely appears to be different from the usual web design from a technical point of view for the designers. It would prove to be extremely beneficial to Hire a Volt Web Design Company which can impressively help with all your web design requirements as they tend to possess the required expertise to include the newly emerged trends into their work effectively. It is essential to keep up with the changing trends in web design in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Call us now for free quote!!

Developing Responsive Website is still in its infancy, and the best practices for Responsive Web Design are still being discovered though Volt Web has experienced Responsive Web Designers helping its clients for creating unique Responsive Web Design. Some feel that Responsive Design will replace the conventional mobile websites, while many others feel that both the approaches can co-exist but one thing is certain that Responsive Web Design is a future of web design.

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